Yamamoto Kogaku's core technologies


A fusion of fundamental and core technologies paired with business expansion

Aiming to become the leader
in the niche market of eye protection

Yamamoto Kogaku has strived for over 110 years with the three technologies of light control, surface treatment, and optimum design at its core. We have combined these technologies in the integrated production of eyewear products at our own plant while continuing to pursue ever higher quality in safety and comfort as we move forward.

Base technologies and three core technologies

Core technologies

Light control technology
Lasers and UV rays are among the top varieties of light threatening eye safety.
We have worked in the manufacture of light-shading filters for use in welding since our company's foundation and, more recently, have put special effort into researching and developing filters to protect against the light from lasers, whose usage continues to spread, for more than half a century. In addition to eyewear cutting out UV light and blue light for use in sports, we provide lenses offering polarization and high visibility, effects surpassing the abilities of the naked eye, and more. From such optical design to filter development and manufacturing, Yamamoto Kogaku's know-how gained through years of experience is its key strength.
Surface treatment technology
Surface treatment is a technology which has evolved to eliminate vision risk factors, such as lens scratches and fogging.
We were the first in the world to apply the anti-fogging function to ski goggles, we are able to develop such technologies for use in a wide variety of eyewear like industrial safety glasses and sunglasses as well as swimming goggles. In addition, we have also developed and mass-produced in-house coatings that add various functions such as water and stain repellency, as well as hard coatings that prevent scratches on the lens. Recently, we have applied these technologies to the challenge of developing products in new areas, such as the development of optical parts for sensors and cameras.
Optimum design
Our products can only protect users from danger if they are used. Our geometric optical design and mold development technologies produce high-precision lenses, balancing design improves discomfort such as slipping or pain, ventilation structure controls fogging inside the goggles, and research on materials, shapes, and structures to control strength. In addition to the high level of safety required of our products, we are also committed to providing products that are comfortable to wear. We are constantly seeking to enhance both safety and comfort.

Development system

Yamamoto Kogaku has a firm handle on the needs of users and the value of technology, and we use all the power within us to provide information and services related to safe and comfortable products to the customer. Through strong ties between sales and marketing as well as planning and design, each member is able to exhibit their creativity, prowess in creating proposals, and ability to swiftly take action. This in turn allows us to optimize our existing business by integrating internal and external technologies, and to create new products and new businesses by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Application case studies

  • ・Mold engeneering development for molding of products with specific shapes and subsequent mass production
  • ・Development of head-mounted displays to aid in logistics
  • ・Development of products protecting workers from high-intensity light output
  • ・Coating processing to prevent fogging in large-scale molded products
  • ・Safety initiatives for high-output hand-held lasers, etc.